Courses and Prices

Defensive Arts has just moved to Exeter from Surrey so courses will slowly start to be introduced. Please keep a look out here and on the Women's Classes page.

Classes in self defence for individuals are run as courses which run in term times and are usually for 7 weeks, 1 hour per week. 

Kindly note that owing to insurance requirements you must join the course prior to the first day.

If you are booking with a friend there is a 10% reduction on both your course fees - see our Discounts page.

Women's Self Defence - Level One
Day Time Venue Dates Duration Price


Women's Self Defence - Level Two
Day Time Venue Dates Duration Price


Children's Anti-bullying Course

Defensive Arts is running a short course for new year 7s swiss replica watches and year 8s. Apart from the normal self-defence techiques there will be a short session on bullying, identifying the types of bullying and ways to defeat the bully using the schools policies.

Year 7 and Year 8 Anti-bullying Course
Day Time Venue Dates Duration Price